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Top Digital Marketing Agency in Nagpur 2020
April 2, 2020

Top Digital Marketing Agency in Aurangabad 2020

Digital Marketing Agency in Aurangabad

Do you want to scale up your business to the next level? Then digital marketing Agency in Aurangabad well help you to scale up your business to the next level. It has lot of advantages compared to traditional marketing.

Now most persons are spending their time on internet. We have to promote our business where the people. So it is better to promote our business online because users are spending their most time online.

In digital marketing you will get real time analytics.

You can choose our company Rankers Web for your Business online promotion.

Why Rankers Web is the Best Digital Marketing Company in Aurangabad

Rankers Web is the India based best digital marketing agency in the Aurangabad. We are providing results oriented digital marketing services to our clients from last 2 years. We are specialized in the Digital Marketing industry. We are offering different digital marketing services in Aurangabad as mentioned below.

Our customers are loving our work and giving better reviews to us. You can find those in the Google Reviews. We use the white hat techniques to produce better results in the long run.

Initially we analyze your business then we will recommend which digital marketing services are better for your business to get the the best results with best ROI. You can observe our portfolio section and reviews section to take the decision to work with us.

We provide work in time and we value your time. Rankers Web is recognized as the best digital marketing company in Aurangabad.

Benefits of Digital Marketing With Rankers Web

Now a days more users are spending their time online. We know, we are addicted to social media a lot. If we want to buy anything we will observe the reviews online. Now most of the persons are buying product after reading the reviews online. They are comparing products online. It will help to taking the decisions to which one to buy.

As a business owner, we have to promote our products where the users are engaging. Then only we come to the better profits.

When you advertise your products on news paper, then you don’t know how many persons it reach and how many persons are consuming this advertisement. You don’t know the exact numbers. You will come to know the rough figures. But exact figures are important.

Professional Digital Marketing Agency in Aurangabad

In digital marketing there is important topic analytics. You will get amazing data with this analytics tools.

If you setup an ad on Facebook, then you can come to know how many persons received this ad and how many persons are engaging and how many persons are taking actions on the ad. You will get lot of data in this. You can do ads some in better way using this data. You can also do a/b testing which version of ad is working better.

Social Media marketing will help you to connect with your audience. Audience can ask their questions on social media. They can follow your profiles for updates from your business.

Different Digital Marketing Services offered in Aurangabad

Search Engine Optimization SEO

It is the process to bring your website on Search engines search results top for particular keywords organically.

If user search with your business keywords then your website must appear at top of search engine search results. For this you have to do SEO for your Website. If your business get the traffic from search engines then you will get better leads and sales. This traffic is on demand traffic.

When user wants then we will serve. So with this traffic conversions will be better. Once your website starts getting traffic from search engines, you no need to pay anything to search engines for this. You will get traffic for free. The cost here is initial cost.

It will take some time to rank your website in the search engines. You have to do onpage and offpage seo for this. We will discuss these things further.

Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO is optimizing your website content like title optimization, meta description optimization, alt tag optimization, navigation structure optimization, proper heading structure, internal linking etc.

Offpage SEO

Building backlinks to your website is the major part of offpage seo. Pointing links from other relevant websites to your websites are the backlinks. Backlinks are two types, dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Dofollow backlinks pass the link juice from source website to final website. Nofollow link doesn’t pass the link juice from source website to final website.

Local SEO

If you are running a business locally i.e in particular city then local SEO is very important for your business. You have to produce the content by considering your local places and your city.

In this first you have to setup the Google My Business. We will help you to setup Google My Business and We will optimize this for better results.

Search Engine Marketing SEM or Pay per Click PPC

It is also bringing your website at top of search engines search results for particular keywords. But this is paid method. You have to pay to search engines.

When you go to Google and search for particular keyword then you will find two type of search results there. One is paid results and another one is organic results. Paid results will be at top and bottom of the page with label Ad. These are the results by doing the search engine marketing or ppc.

You will also get better Return on Ad Spend ROAS with this method. This is also traffic on demand. You will get the traffic when the user needs it.

Social Media Marketing SMM

Promoting your website or business on the social media is the social media marketing.

In this you have to choose the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. If you choose Facebook we call it as Facebook marketing, if Instagram it is Instagram marketing and so on.

In this also marketing done in two types organic and paid.

In Facebook marketing we have to setup one Facebook page for our business. Then we have to get some followers for this page by organic or Ads. Then we can post our business promotions on this page. We can run Facebook ads to reach more targeted audience.

Email Marketing

We collect the emails from the users in organic method or using paid media. Then we will promote our business with this email list. It is the email marketing.

In email marketing we have to use the email marketing software like Mailchimp.

First of all we have to create one free source which is called as lead magnet. Then we have to setup the landing page. We have to drive the traffic to this landing page using organic method or paid ads.

User will download this free resource by submitting his email id. We can also put pop up windows in our blog posts. These will also help to collect the email ids.

Once we get the email ids from the users then we will send the emails regularly about our products to these users. Here we have to provide a lot of value to the user before recommending our products. We can send the tips, strategies, resources to these users for value.

We can also use email automation for better results and time saving. Email automation is sending emails automatically depending on the user task like clicking on particular link, opening the email or not etc.

Most pro marketers are saying your money will be in your email list. Your email list will be big asset for you. It is better to focus on email list building from day one. You will get better ROI with Email Marketing.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is marketing method to get the more sales without doing any marketing itself by the company. Some publishers or bloggers will be registered on our website as affiliates. They promote our products. When the sale happen we will pay them fixed commission or percentage on the product cost.

It is the affiliate marketing. In this bloggers will be do the marketing for our products. When only sales get we will pay them commission. It is win win method for company and the blogger.

Data Analytics

Analysing data is very important in digital marketing. We can take the data driven decisions to scale up our business. The popular data analytics tool for the website is the Google Analytics.

In this we have to install the Google Analytics java script code on the website. Then this script tracks the website visitors and their behaviour. We can study these in Google Analytics dashboard.


FAQs about Digital Marketing Agency Rankers Web Aurangabad


Q1. How to contact you for getting quotation

Ans: We provided a form to get the quotation. You can find it on our website’s home page.

Q2. What are your working hours?

Ans: Our working hours are 10 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Saturday. We mostly reply to your questions in non working hours also.

Q3. Where to find your previous works?

Ans: We provided a dedicated page for our previous works under. You can go to this page by clicking on portfolio item in the header navigation menu.

Q4. Do we provide report for your project?

Ans: Yes, we will provide the report about your project time to time.

Q5. How much time takes to start our project work?

Ans. We have a dedicated team for particular subject. We mostly start your work once we get the order. We will confirm you about this via Email.

Q6. What is the preferable way to contact you or your support team?

Ans. You can contact us via contact page or through email provided in the website.

Q7. Where to find your previous customers reviews?

Ans. You can find the reviews in Google Reviews. Just search Rankers Web on Google and go to the reviews section of Rankers Web Google my business profile.

Q8. Why I should consider you in this crowded Market?

Ans. We provide result oriented services. First we study your business then we will provide the corresponding digital marketing services to bring the best results of Digital Marketing in Aurangabad.

Q9. Why we need digital marketing services in Aurangabad than traditional marketing?

Ans. In digital marketing you can measure your inputs and results exactly. This is not available in the traditional marketing.

Q10. Which digital marketing service is better for our business?

Ans. We will study your business and then we will do the corresponding digital marketing services to get the better results. If you want results faster and in less time then we will proceed with SEM. If you are long term oriented then we will focus to work on Content Marketing.


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