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April 5, 2020

Top 5 Web Design Plugins For WordPress in 2020

Web Design Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is an Open source platform, though you might not think so when you first install it. That’s because WordPress’ power comes with basic functions with much more possibilities of modification, WordPress is more weighted than custom html. Web Design Plugins For WordPress are more essential now a days.

The thing is, there are so many free themes out there that it can be difficult to choice which theme is the best for your business. And as some of those themes are definitely better than others, that exist. After all, WordPress is easy development platform work with below 5 basic mandatory plugins in 2020

So, which are some of the best basic plugins for you to use if you’re designing your business website? Here is a list:

Drag Dropr – Light weight Visual Editor

Drag Dropr makes development easy in wordPress, edit and design the content for your website, webpage, or any other web design by simply dragging and dropping platform. It does not matter which theme you use – DragDropr work fantastically with them all.

With DragDropr, no development experience or coding skills are required. You can build entire web pages, or modification with content pages by simple drag method & drop action. Just log in to your account and edit anything you want.

Gallery by Envira

The fully customized galleries offered by WordPress is key point behind widely use of WordPress. As a open source platform wordpress contain basic tiles, laid out in a grid like pattern. But some plugins like Envira make wordpress more wide and Make major graphical changes. If you want galleries that are a bit more attractive and make webpage cool, then you should choose Gallery by Envira.

Rank Math

Another one of the Mandatory ones, Rank Math is an incredibly important plugin if you are planning to rank top on Google, as this piece of plugin helps you optimize your individual pages so that Google understand what they’re about and can easily index them for your searches.

The plugin gives you a point to do to look out for that will help make sure that your page is ready for rank on google index. Rank math plays an important role in SEO in 2020. If it could be better, it gets an orange marker and if it needs attention, then it’s red.

This will make it far more likely that the texts you worked so hard (Fine, had ok dissertations work on hard for you) on will get the attention they deserve.

Revolution Slider plugin

Now days’ every website contains sliders in their websites to make website more dynamic and attractive. We all know that we can’t put too much content on same page. It make websites dead and dull. Hence images and sliders are the ways to make website classy. Yes’ images and sliders make website quite slow and takes more time to load. But we have plugins to improve loading time with cache.  A good workaround is to use a slider.

Revolution Sliders will let you showcase more about website domain and business, by giving them a slow but steady drip-feed of images, stories or other content.

The best slider plugin we’ve found is called Revolution Slider Plugin. It’s visually appealing, easy to set up and easy to use for your visitors.

Social sharing Plugin

Now it’s  2020 and most of the people use social media platforms to drive traffic on their websites. Social Sharing Plugin is like bridge in between traffic and plugin. Something that is an absolute must for driving traffic on website is social media platforms. The truth is, there are a lot of different options out there, but this plugin is simple to understand and better to work with.

Still, Social Sharing Plugins are business carriers for new startups. It lets you can work with different plugins, Lots of substitutes are available for this plugin but this is better.

Because it’s such a useful plugin, it gets a 4.9 star rating on, which is an exceptionally high rating.

Final thoughts

With these above 5 basic plugins you are on the way of modern website development. Without these plugins website design in WordPress is quite meaningless. Of course, you’ll have to consider a few more, like CSS files, content management and graphics design. Even java script file play an important role for validation.

So good luck and good designing! I’m sure your page will end up with as expected to be in 2020.

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